Roberlo 62381 RPG60 1K polyurethane adh for glazing 310ml


RPG 60 is a single component polyurethane adhesive for crystal gluing that dries by means of a reaction with the environmental humidity. Specially designed for fast substitution of Windows,windscreens, support of lateral rear-views and baffles, it can also be applied in all those parts of the vehicle that are stuck to the structure. It dries very quickly, so that a
   vehicle with 2 airbags can be driven 1 hour after the application providing the ambient  temperature is 23ºC and relative humidity 50%.In order to improve the adhesion, use
a degreaser and adherence promoter designed for cleaning the parts of the glass where
RPG 60 is to be applied.Is an adherent primer that guarantees a perfect adhesion over the surface, and simultaneously protects the polyurethane from UV radiations and corrosion.
  • Part No: ROB62381
  • Manufactured by: Roberlo


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