3M 16026 PPS Lids & Liners 650ML (3 x Boxes 50 Lids & Liners)

PPS is a complete system for the preparation of the paint company 3M, which allows a greater purity during operation, a reduced amount of solvent and reduce the time cleaning the gun, and allows you to increase operator productivity by up to 15%. Thanks to a specially designed adapters refinishers can use the system PPS ™ virtually every spray gun. PPS ™ replaces traditional paint mixing cups and filters, and can significantly reduce the amount of solvent required to clean the gun.

  • Set PPS 16026 (650 ml) covers 50 disposable lids (with dospawanymi filters) and liners for mixing, filtering and coating (primer, sealer, base coat and clear).
  • Less use of materials: Savings in materials (primer, sealer, base coat and clear). The painter is important for effective mixing paint in an amount required for the repair process (Operation Repair, RO) ie. The amount of space that needs repair.
  • The 3M ™ PPS ™ reduces the amount of solvent used by 70% compared to conventional mixers gravity, and by 90% in the case of a PPS Accuspray 3M solution.
  • Shorter cycle times and quick and easy cleaning thanks to the 3M ™ PPS ™; shorter by more than 50% in many cases. The possibility of mixing, filtering and applying paint from the single cover (with welded filter) and the liner.
  • Part No: MMM16026X3
  • Manufactured by: 3M Automotive

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