3M 16001 PPS Cups & Collar 650ML (Box 2)

Features and Benefits:
  • Includes 2 x cups (650 ml) & 2 x collars
  • Easy assembly with pre printed fluid volume scale
  • Use only one 3M pps cup for both mixing and spraying
  • Closed system - no outside contamination
  • Less operator exposure to solvents and reduction in vocs - up to 70% savings of cleaning solvent

The 3M PPS Standard Mixing Cup and Collar 16001 are key components of the 3M PPS system which has the ability to meet all of the painters requirements for the mixing, preparation and application of primers, basecoats and clear coats in both large and small applications. This disposable mixing system eliminates the need for traditional spray gun mixing pots and paper filters saving time and increasing efficiency. The liners and lids with built in filters form a closed system allowing the spray gun to function at any angle, which when used in conjuction with our recommended process, guarantees a safe and high quality result. Use with 16000 & 16026 PPs Pots

  • Model: MMM16001
  • Manufactured by: 3M


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