Devilbiss GTI Pro Blue Gravity Spray Gun 1.3 & 1.2mm Set Up

A lightweight DeVilbiss spray gun developed for busy professional painters needing the ultimate in quality finishes.

Advanced technology air cap  High Efficiency TE10  for optimum application performance with the latest solvent and waterborne coatings.

Ergonomic gun body design with even better fit and balance for comfort and control. Three high efficiency fluid tips provide superb versatility across a range of climatic conditions and viscosities. Coaxial, low kick air valve design gives smoother feel for even greater air and paintcontrol for ease of fade-outs and blend-ins.
The forged aluminium body is heavy duty anodised in Blue,  clearly defining the guns for different duties in the paint shop.

The colour coding dispenses with the laser engraving, enabling the individual painter to rapidly identifyguns set up specifically for basecoats, solid colours, clears, pearls and effects, or simply particularcolour groups.

  • Part No: PROGTI-GTE10-1213BU
  • Manufactured by: Devilbiss Spray Equipment

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