Iwata WS-400 Evo Gravity Fed Spray Gun Clearcoat 1.3mm HD

SUPERNOVA WS400HD 1.3mm - a new generation of spray gun. Designed in conjunction with world-renowned designer PININFARINA workshop.Clear Coat Spray Gravity Gun


The design of the sprayer worked PININFARINA company, one of the most famous Italian companies involved in the creation of bodies and car design. In collaboration with Anest Iwata PININFARINA masters managed to create a spray gun that combines elegance with modern design, with perfect spray technology from Anest Iwata

About LPH technology


Deep studies conducted by employees of the city of Pavia Institute (Italy) in the field of ergonomics, combined with elegant design and flair PININFARINA ANEST IWATA engineers who helped to create the sprayer with ergonomics unattainable for competitors, as well as to achieve perfect balance when working.

  • The first angle of attachment of the upper reservoir was verified based on a standard and a removable tank, allowing you to keep the balance of the sprayer, even when using removable tanks system, which may differ from the standard size and weight.
  • The new thread is made ​​on an air head that allows you to disassemble the nebulizer faster and improves reliability - as a result you need to order less common parts.


SUPERNOVA WS400HD provides a stable, finely divided spray, which makes it possible to avoid sagging and overlaps, especially when working with colorless varnish with a high solids content. Uniform distribution of material throughout the Paint spot thus has special significance - thereby preventing unevenness of the coating.

SUPERNOVA WS400HD - is ideal for basic materials and water-based colorless materials with high solids

  • Model: IWA13244122EP
  • Manufactured by: Iwata


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