Automax General Purpose 3PLY Wipes 350 Sheet NO7

Automax 7 is heavyweight general purpose cellulose wiper, 3ply embossed with excellent absorbency qualities. This wiper has been specifically designed to tackle the toughest workshop tasks including mopping up oil and service fluids, removing tough grease stains and wiping dirty and greasy hands.

This product has been developed to meet the specialist requirements of the body shop, as well as cater for the needs of most end users in many different environments.

Automax 7 is a boxed wipe which protects the roll against contamination. The roll end exits through an aperture in the top of the box, reducing over use.

Designed for Automotive, Engineering, General Housekeeping, Agriculture, Aerospace, Transport, Catering and Food Manufacture.

  • Part No: AUT007
  • Manufactured by: Automax Wipes


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