Roberlo 62333 Futura Glass 750ml

 FUTURAGLASS is a lightweight polyester putty reinforced with glass fibre for the repair of chassis, of highly innovative conception. It can be applied to those surfaces which require the   maximum resistance and adherence.Due to this special formulation,FUTURAGLASS is a much softer and more flexible putty than other fibreglass putties, which allows a great ease of application.FUTURAGLASS fulfils VOC limitation legislation, for what is an Environmentally respectful product.A principal advantage is the fact that its composition minimizes the appearance of pinholes which may appear after the application, therefore eliminating one of the stages of the repair process in comparison with other fibreglass putties.A better finish, greater ease of sanding and reduction of processtimes are aspects previously unknown in a fibreglass putty;  .
  • Part No: ROB62333
  • Manufactured by: Roberlo


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