JTape Parking sensor maskers 18mm (Pk60) 4002.6017

    JTape Parking Sensor Masking Circles 18mm Pk 60  4002.6017

 The fast and sure way to save time masking integrated parking sensors and rubber seals. JTAPE Parking Sensor Masking Discs are specially designed to mask parking sensors without the need for removal. Our adhesive cover protects the sensor throughout the repair process preventing damage from sanding, painting and polishing. This saves time and also reduces the risk of problems or malfunctions with the sensors afterwards.

  Features and Benefits
• Can be used for sanding,  painting and polishing
• Avoids contamination of sensors
• Saves time avoiding a tricky  masking process or worse, the disassembly of the sensors
• Easy to use - easy lifting tab to  aid application and removal
• One size fits most applications
• Ensure removal whilst clearcoat is wet to avoid lacquer bridging
• Clean removal, no residue disassembly of the sensors
• Clean removal, no residue




  • Part No: JTAPE4002.6017
  • Manufactured by: J Tape

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